DHA: TSS Implementation and 186/187 Major Changes Coming Soon

DHA has announced further details of the new TSS visa program in meetings for migration agents held across Australia last week. While the exact implementation date was not announced, implementation of these changes is expected for early March 2018.

DHA stated that software to support the new visa scheme will be installed on DHA’s ImmiAccount systems on 2 March 2018. Sources have previously indicated that the expected implementation date may be somewhere between 1 March and 15 March. DHA has indicated that once the software is installed, they will be able to activate (implement) the TSS visa program including TSS sponsorship, nomination and visa application whenever the decision is made to do so. Major changes to the subclass 186 and 187 programs will also be implemented at the same time as the TSS changes are implemented.

DHA officials indicated that there are various logistical and legislative issues currently underway which will determine the implementation date.

Once the implementation date has been determined, it is not clear how much advance warning will be provided to agents and visa applicants.

As of the implementation date, no further subclass 457 nominations or visa applications will be able to be lodged, and subclass 186 and 187 changes will be effective.

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