Daily Telegraph Article Claims Government Inquiry and “Crackdown” on Migration Agents Imminent

A 12 March article and accompanying editorial in the Daily Telegraph newspaper entitled “Despicable visa agents preying on the most vulnerable fleecing them of savings” have taken aim at migration agents and claim that a “crackdown” and government inquiry into “outrageous behaviour” by migration agents is imminent, including targeting agents who encourage clients to pursue “pointless appeals”.

The article references OMARA actions against agents and details misdeeds by agents including creating fraudulent and plagiarised documents, forging signatures, pursuing “pointless appeals”, lodging applications from vulnerable applicants with little chance of success and more.

The article and other recent negative publicity and comments about migration agents may add fuel to efforts by immigration lawyers to separate themselves from the migration agent profession, a primary focus of the pending Migration Amendment (Regulation of Migration Agents) Bill 2017 (related article).

Read the article and editorial (paywall):

Article: “Despicable visa agents preying on the most vulnerable fleecing them of savings


Editorial – “Rogue migration agents preying on the most vulnerable